Reasons for participating
in an exchange program

During the studies, students acquire knowledge, gain experience and develop competencies to be used in future career. Nowadays, global learning has become extremely important for development of skills demanded on the labor market. International student exchange is an opportunity for learning and gaining professional experience, becoming skillful with new working methods, improving knowledge of foreign languages, learning to work in an intercultural team and in a new environment, and gaining independence.

In Croatia, the most student exchanges are realized through ERASMUS+, CEEPUS and IAESTE programs.

In order to improve its international recognition, the Department of Biology strengthens international cooperation based on bilateral agreements, cooperation of teachers from institutions abroad, participation in individual incoming and outgoing mobility programs (Erasmus+, CEEPUS), participation in international conferences, organization of invited lectures, membership of teachers in international professional and scientific associations.

Inspire yourself and others

Take a stand

Study actively

Forget limitations

Take a trip

Come back with new skills and teach others

Have fun

Why not?!

Adopt new work methods

Understand the importance of cooperation

Embrace possibilities

You can do it!

Education knows no borders

I will!

"Think globally, act locally!"