About us


The Department of Biology organizes higher education at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level in various branches of biology. It continuously carries out and develops scientific research and professional activities related to biology, and applies acquired knowledge in practice. The Department is dedicated to reaching excellence in research, to delivering quality teaching and to implementing public-private partnership projects.

Thus, the mission of the Department is to educate students to become excellent experts and scientists in biology and in interdisciplinary scientific area related to STEM, and to achieve excellence in basic and strategic researches with significant social influence. By making investments in education and research and by putting emphasis on excellence in scientific work, the Department aims to achieve better position in internationally competitive academic community.


The vision of the Department is to strengthen its position among higher education and scientific research institutions in the country and in broader region by continuously raising the quality of delivered higher education and research work.

Within development of new study programs and research projects, the Department strengthens cooperation with the economy sector in the field of biology, biotechnology and nature and environmental protection, thus making those issues a priority in the coming period both at the national and European level.


ENGAGEMENT Department of Biology hires competent employees committed to the progress of the institution and to widening of its visibility.

INTEGRITY Department of Biology promotes autonomy and represents positive values and changes.

DEVELOPMENT Department of Biology is strongly focused on improvement of existing working conditions and raising the quality of work.

PROFESSIONALISM In their work, the Department staff pursues high professional, ethical and moral standards.

COOPERATION Department of Biology connects with national and international stakeholders by respecting different points of view and reaching decisions for the benefit of all.