Department of Biology

The Department of Biology is a constituent of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek since 1 April 2005. It is located in the University Campus building number 3, at the address Ulica cara Hadrijana 8/A. The Department carries out scientific and educational activities in the field of biology. Scientific activity is organized within scientific projects financed by the Ministry of Science and Education, and by other institutions, such as local self-government units, companies, etc. Teachers deliver teaching in the field of natural sciences, the field of biology at the Department of Biology, within other studies organized at the University of Osijek, as well as at other universities in Croatia.

Information about the Department, its activities and organization is available at the website


At the Department of Biology, there are four sub-departments: Sub-Department of Water Ecology, Seb-Department of Quantitative Ecology, Sub-Department of Zoology, and Sub-Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology za biokemiju i ekofiziologiju biljaka.
Sub-department of Water Ecology
There are two laboratories established within the Sub-department of Water Ecology: Laboratory for Algae Ecology and Laboratory for Aquatic Invertebrates. Sub-department staff carry out research focused on freshwater ecological systems at the territory of the Republic of Croatia, with special emphasis put on continuous multidisciplinary research into floodwater of the Kopački Rit Nature Park. They also actively participate in various professional projects related to the protection of freshwater ecological systems.
Sub-department of Quantitative Ecology
There are three laboratories within the Sub-department for Quantitative Ecology: Laboratory for Analysis of Biological Systems, Laboratory for Ecological Modelling, and Laboratory for Ecobiogeography. The main activity of this Sub-department refers to scientific research in the field of ecotoxicology, applied ecology and modelling of biological systems. Knowledge resulting from this scientific research is applied in dealing with practical issues of environmental protection, agriculture and energy.
Sub-department of Zoology
The Sub-department of Zoology comprises three scientific research laboratories: Laboratory for Entomology, Laboratory for Animal Ecology, and Laboratory for Cellular and Molecular Plant Biology. Each laboratory operates according to its work program, and together they form one scientific-research focus unit recognised in the strategy and operational plan of the Sub-department. 
Sub-department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
The Sub-department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology conducts scientific research in the area of algae ecophysiology, fungal and bacterial plant pathogens and mycoviruses, as well as the oxidative and antioxidative response of plants and animals to various forms of abiotic and biotic stress.
Administration office is a central service of the Department authorized to deal with student legal issues. The Office is located on the second floor, room 215.
Office hours: workdays from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm
Department Secretary: Silva Lustig, LLM
  • Phone: +385 31 399 902
  • E-mail:


The Office provides information about student admission to studies, it issues various certificates and confirmations about student status, processes applications for exams and records the data in the national IT system for higher education institutions (Croatian abbreviation: ISVU), etc. The Office is located on the ground floor, room 21.

Office hours for students: workdays from 8.00 am to 12.00 am

Head of the Division for Undergraduate Studies: Ivan Pletikosić


  • Phone: +385 31 399 904
  • E-mail:

Head of the Division for Graduate Studies: Vedrana Aračić


  • Phone: +385 31 399 904
  • E-mail:


The IT office is maintaining the Department website, it takes care of the timely publication of all information, provides data for the AAI@EduHr identity, maintains the CARNet system, etc. It is located on the second floor, room 217.

Office hours: workdays from 8.00 am to 12.00 am

Head of the Division for IT and Computer Network: Mario Dunić


  • Phone: +385 31 399 908
  • E-mail:


The quality assurance system at the Department is set up by the following bodies: the Quality Assurance Committee and the Quality Assurance Office.

The Quality Assurance Committee is a professional body established by the decision of the Department Council, as based on the Ordinance on the Organization and Operation of the Quality Assurance System of the Department of Biology. The Committee coordinates and implements internal evaluation procedures, develops institutional mechanisms for quality assurance and advancement at the Department, and devises annual work plan and long-term activity plan in accordance with the Regulation  on  establishment  and  function  of  quality  assurance  system  at  Josip  Juraj Strossmayer  University  of  Osijek.

The Committee participates in preparation of the Department’s strategy and self-evaluation, reports, it develops quality indicators, monitors the quality of teaching realization, students’ success at studies, development of teaching staff competencies, and similar. The Committee consists of seven members, of whom three members represent teachers, one member represents assistants, one member represents students, and two members are representatives of external stakeholders. The Committee closely cooperates with the head of the Quality Assurance Office.

The Quality Assurance Office of the Department is responsible for monitoring the quality of studies and of teaching realization. It carries out student surveys, analyses the student’s pass rate at exams and their success at studying, methods of knowledge assessment and mobility, and collects other information in cooperation with the Department’s Quality Assurance Committee and the Quality Assurance Centre of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek.

Head of the Quality Assurance Office: Ines Arbanas, MSc.


  • Phone: +385 31 399 937
  • E-mail:

More information about the quality assurance system of the Department is available at


The Library of the Department of Biology is physically detached from the main Department’s building and it is located in the Library of the Department of Mathematics, at the address Trg Ljudevita Gaja 6 in Osijek.

The Library is open on workdays from 07.30 am to 5.00 pm.


  • Phone: +385 31 224 813
  • E- mail:

Library materials are available also online via the website of the Department of Biology: