Student Jobs Facilitated by the Student Service

Student Center in Osijek

First-year students, as well as students enrolled in higher study years that have obtained a minimum of 1 ECTS credit in the previous study year, have a right to work part-time and to get jobs facilitated by the Student Service. The minimum net wage for one hour of student work is calculated by dividing the minimum monthly gross salary in the Republic of Croatia by 160. For 2023, the minimum net wage for one hour of student work is 4.38 EUR.

Students are also entitled to 50% increase of the wage if working night shifts, overtime, on Sundays and holidays.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 7.00 am – 3.00 pm
Address: Istarska 5, 31000 Osijek
Phone: +385 31 207 121; +385 31 220 611
Mobile phone: +385 91 220 6111

Students registered with the Student Service for part-time jobs can obtain the student contract for part-time jobs personally at the Service office or online via link:

If a student receives wages, i.e. taxable income, non-taxable income or other types of financial supports not treated as income (e.g. scholarships) in the amount of more than 24,000.00 HRK in one calendar year, he/she cannot retain a status of a dependent family/household member in terms of being entitled to a special tax allowance approved on their parents’ or supporters’ income card.

In the amount of income (both taxable and non-taxable) does not refer to: student scholarships, income based on special regulations referring to social support, child allowance, financial support for maternity leaves and parental support in the amount regulated by law, support for newborns, i.e. support paid out for newborn child equipment, family pension for children approved after the death of a parent, income referring to self-support received from parents or close relatives, supports received from legal and natural persons for health needs, etc.

Students are NOT OBLIGED TO PAY TAXES after receiving an income over 24,000.00 HRK, yet they cannot be treated as a dependent family/household members for tax allowance.

The amount of income earned by students is not limited. However, if such student’s income exceeds the amount of 72.000.00 HRK per year, the income is subject to tax payment. The income does not include wage contributions calculated on the student’s net earnings. The student’s income exceeding the amount of 72,000.00 HRK per year is taxed at a rate of 24% and is also a subject to payment of a surtax amount depending on the place of residence (for the city of Osijek, the surtax rate is 13%).

The Student Service pays out the wages of its members (students) to their giro accounts opened in commercial banks.