Scholarships are a form of financial supports awarded to students for the purpose of education, professional training or research. They are usually awarded based on socioeconomic status or excellence achieved during studies.

One-off financial grants awarded by the Department of Biology

The Department of Biology awards one-off financial grants to full-time undergraduate and graduate students with fewer opportunities. The call for the award of scholarships is published on the Department’s website.

University scholarships

Scholarships awarded by Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek to full-time students are available also to the Department’s students. The call for the award of University scholarships is published on the University web site:

 County scholarships

The county scholarships are awarded by local government and self-government bodies (cities, municipalities and counties) to individuals whose parents/guardians have a residnce in the county area.

 State scholarships

The state scholarships are focusing on provision of equal access to higher education by increasing direct financial supports for full-time students. State scholarships are awarded to target groups of full-time students of lower socio-economic status, with disabilities, to students without appropriate parental care, as well as to students studying in the STEM field.

Information about state scholarships is available at: