IAESTE General Information

Assist. Prof. Dr.

Senka Blažetić

Contact person for IAESTE

IAESTE is a student-run non-profit organization that facilitates student exchanges for the purpose of professional practice in the field of technical and natural sciences in 87 countries around the world. Within the IAESTE internship program, different types of internships are available with different profiles of employers so that each student can find their ideal internship to match their preferences. The IAESTE organization of the country where a student internship is organized will assist students with the application, accommodation, payment of the internship, socializing and the like.

IAESTE Croatia, as a member of the international IAESTE network, arranges high-quality internships for students of Croatian universities that are relevant to their studies. In this way, it mediates between employers and students and contributes to the cultural enrichment of both students and host institutions. Internships are also organized for international students interested in working with Croatian companies and employers.

IAESTE experiences

Nuša Matijašec, University of Ljubljana, Slovenija

In March 2021 I applied for the internship at the department of biology in Osijek. My decision was spontaneous and in only 2 weeks...