The Office for Students with Disabilities is a central university office that provides all necessary information and support to students with disabilities by addressing specific needs of each student with specific type of disability. Students with dissabilities can get information by contacting the office staff personally, by e-mail, phone, or through leaflets and brochures. The office staff guarantees confidentiality of all information presented during correspondence.

Authorised personnel:

Prof. Dr. Loretana Farkaš, Vice-Rector for Education and Students

Damir Španić, PhD, Head of the Office for Students with Disabilities

Office address: Ulica cara Hadrijana 8 (building on the corner of Ulica cara Hadrijana and Ulica kralja Petra Svačića), at the University Campus Osijek

Office hours for students: Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm

Meeting shall be appointed in advance by e-mail

It is possible to arrange a meeting with the office staff also outside of the determined office hours for students.

The building of the Department of Biology is equipped with an access ramp and an elevator, thus facilitating the accessibility of its facilites to students with disabilities.


Psychological Counseling Center of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek is at disposal to students for provision of psychological advice and support in dealing with various problems. Expert staff employed in the Center advise students about learning strategies, counsel them on how to overcome anxiety and stress caused by exams, they also provide psychological support to students with adjustment problems, they work on students’ motivation boosting, acquisition of social skills, development or improvement of students’ self-presentation skills, etc. They also carry out research on the quality of student life and organise various thematic workshops. Activities are carried out in the form of individual or group counseling, workshops for students and training courses for teaching staff.

Address: Ulica cara Hadrijana 10 C, University Campus Osijek


Details about the Psychological Counseling Center are available at:


The Student Union is a representative body of students focused on protection of students’ interests. It participates in the work of the Department Council and represents students in the higher education system.

The role of the Student Union is to facilitate communication between professors and students and to participate in decision-making process in order to contribute to solving of various problems that students may encounter during their studies.

Contact e-mail:


The University Sports Association is an umbrella association that gathers student sports clubs and associations active at the University of Osijek and it coordinates their activities, organises university championships, tournaments and other sports activities and competitions. The main goal of the Association is to promote, improve and popularise and develop sports at the University. The office in charge for sports activities at Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek organises sports activities in students’ free time.

Information related to the organisation of sports activities is available in the Office for Sports Activities, at the address Trg Svetog Trojstva 3 in Osijek.

Contact person: Dražen Nikšić, MA



The Biolog-I-Ja Science Popularisation Project

Since 2014, the Department has been carrying out a science popularisation project known as „Biolog-i-Ja“. The project aims to present to primary and secondary school students and to wider public some interesting facts related to biology as well as biologically valuable sites in the city of Osijek and its surroundings that house protected and endangered plant and animal species. The project also aims to raise awareness of the importance of protecting nature, environment and nature values.

Information about the project is available at:

Young Scientists Day

The Faculty of Food Technology Osijek, the Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences Osijek, the Faculty of Medicine Osijek, the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Biology join together in organisation of a scientific meeting Young Scientists Day aiming to gather doctoral students, postdoctoral students and students of related scientific fields that are involved in various scientific and professional projects at Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek. The meeting provides an opportunity for young scientists to present their research results, to get to know each other and to exchange ideas, as well as to acquire knowledge and experience.

Festival of Science
The Festival of Science is an event organised with the aim of bringing science closer to public. With popular lectures, workshops, discussions, exhibitions and other events, scientists and students contribute to popularisation of science by motivating young people to engage in research and to acquire new knowledge.


During their studies, students can participate in mobility programmes, such as ERASMUS+ and CEEPUS.

Information on mobility programmes and calls for outgoing student mobility is available from the student mobility coordinator at the Department of Biology, as well as on the University website:


The Department’s Association Alumni BiolOs has been active since March 2018. Its vision is to strengthen the reputation of the Department of Biology and to improve the recognition of graduates and their competitiveness on the labour market. The Alumni Association collects information about former students, i.e. the Department of Biology graduates employed in various institutions, companies and organisations, and it publishes their activities in bulletins available on the website as well as on Facebook and Instagram.


Career is a professional life path that starts even before getting the first job.

Communication skills, team work skills and solving of demanding problems and tasks are a basic prerequisite for achieving success at work. The Department of Biology makes it easier for its students to enter the business world through career counselling and education organised within workshops, lectures, and various activities focused on development of professional skills. Within the Student Career Development project, various events are organised for students (simulations of job interviews, writing of CVs and motivational letters, site visits to companies, etc.). On the  Department’s website, in the section Career Counselling, there are posts published related to jobs in the field of biology, as well as calls for the award of scholarships that our students can apply for.


The X-Card is a magnetic card used as an official identification card of a student. It is issued by a student’s home higher education institution. The card contains a picture, name and surname of the student, as well as a unique student identification number. The X-Card is valid for one year from the date of issue, and it is extended when the student enrolls in the next year of study. The X-Card allows students to receive subsidies for subsistence, i.e. for payment of meals and food in student restaurants and canteens. The X-Card is also a proof of a student status, thus allowing students to receive other benefits and discounts.


The Student Centre is a constituent unit of the University established to provide subsistence and accommodation to students, to mediate between students and employers for part-time student jobs, as well as to organize cultural and sports events for students.