Student Information Package


Dear students,

The importance of biology in the modern world is enormous. Biological research investigates natural laws of the living world. It studies structures, functions and evolution of different forms of life on molecular and cellular level, as well as of organisms, populations, ecosystems and the biosphere.

The most recent knowledge about biology contributes to development of numerous study areas that are necessary for successful adaptation to increasingly pronounced effects of climate change, for dealing with unfavorable epidemiological conditions and, in general, for development of society based on the concept of sustainable development.

Today, biological sciences are developing intensively and young people are aware of the fact that future professions will be closely related to different areas of biology.

Within interesting, yet demanding study programs offered by the Department of Biology, you will acquire knowledge and develop skills and competencies necessary for successful careers. Thorough lectures and studying in small groups in laboratories and on fields, we will encourage you to actively think about what you have learned, to perform research independently, and to develop the ability to express yourself clearly and precisely, both in writing and in speech.

Depending on your interests, you will be able to work on scientific and professional projects, to develop project proposals for application to calls, to be an active member of the ZOA Student Association, to participate in science popularization projects and in other extracurricular activities.

In order to enable you to acquire the latest scientific knowledge, the teachers of the Department of Biology continuously follow contemporary research findings and improve their skills in application of new scientific methods. Our efforts to achieve excellence in our work is a legacy of former excellent biologists who educated many young generations and significantly contributed to development of specific areas of biology.
Some of them are Prof. Dr. Dragica Gucunski, one of the first researchers studying phytoplankton and water ecology in this area, and Prof. Dr. Tomislav Bačić, a well-known botanist and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, listed among the top 100 scientists in the world for 2012 by the International Biographical Centre Cambridge. We also learned a lot from Prof. Dr. Jozsef Mikuska, one of the leading Croatian ornithologists and ecologists and one of the founders of the Kopački Rit Nature Park.

Quality of teaching at the Department of Biology is proven by our graduates that are pursuing successful careers in public and private sectors, in companies and institutes, in scientific and professional projects, as well as biology teachers. Their knowledge and skills are also recognized at foreign institutions, where our alumni continue their doctoral studies and build up their scientific profiles in biology.

The Department of Biology is a place for young people who are not afraid to face challenges and the unknown, and who are open to new ideas and progress. Our task is to provide you with necessary professional knowledge and support your personal growth.

We wish you much success on your way to diploma!

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tanja Žuna Pfeiffer
Head of Department

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ljiljana Krstin
Deputy Head for Education and Students

Assist. Prof. Dr. Anita Galir Balkić
Deputy Head for Research