Graduate University Study Programme in Nature and Enviromental Protection


The establishment of studies is fully in line with the strategic goals and objectives of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek (Strategy of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek for the period 2011-2020; III.1.5.1. Reorganization of study programs and organization of new studies). The launch of the graduate study of Nature and Environmental Protection was singled out as a special goal of the Department of Biology within the Strategy of the Department of Biology for the period 2012-2017. years. The Strategy of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek describes the need to reorganize study programs in accordance with European trends in higher education and to define new academic profiles.

Connection with the needs of the local community

The graduate study of Nature and Environmental Protection is proposed to meet the needs of the local community in the production of highly educated staff in the subject area and to encourage development and improvement, both at the practical and scientific level, in this region. The proposed program includes both academic and practical work, which will directly improve the scientific potential of our country, as well as contribute to the creation of staff for the development of local, but also Croatian and European economy.

In modern Croatian society, there is a large number of institutions and business entities, both in the public and private sectors, with the need for educated experts in the field of nature and environmental protection. The need to organize a university graduate study of Nature and Environmental Protection stems from the growing need to understand complex processes in the environment and apply knowledge from various scientific fields and disciplines to assess the state of the environment, optimal environmental management and sustainable development planning.

The development of technology and knowledge requires the monitoring of knowledge and trends, and in accordance with the changing needs of the labor market and new study programs. It is especially important to meet the concept of lifelong learning. In this sense, students who complete this graduate study will have the opportunity to continue their education at the postgraduate study (university doctoral or specialist) Nature and Environmental Protection, as well as at other postgraduate studies both in Croatia and in Europe.

Given the regional position of the Department of Biology at the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek, and the proximity of several different protected areas (PP Kopački rit, PP Papuk, Regional Park Mura-Drava) and the Danube River, the local community can benefit in many ways in cooperation biology with different institutions.

Employability analysis

Applicants who complete this study will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to perform complex tasks aimed at protecting nature and the environment. Possible employers are small and medium enterprises, but also large companies that express the need for professional and educated staff. Despite the relatively high level of unemployment, the accession to the European Union will increasingly show the need to know European business regulations. Students who complete this graduate study are expected to have relatively fast employment opportunities at the international level, precisely because of the competencies they acquire through their studies.

Connection with basic and modern skills and profession

The graduate study of Nature and Environmental Protection is interdisciplinary focused on the education of professionals who will be able to conduct scientific research, and is part of lifelong learning, which provides for further education in specialist, professional and postgraduate studies. This graduate study is based on competitive scientific research and the competencies needed to develop a knowledge-based society. In the Republic of Croatia, there is a distinct need of the professional sector for experts and scientists in the field of nature and environmental protection. Therefore, this study will make a significant contribution to increasing the number of young scientists and experts and have direct effects on scientific, professional, regional and local development already during its course. The study of Nature and Environmental Protection, in addition to basic knowledge in the field of biology and ecology, directs students how to apply this knowledge and responsibly manage natural resources, and connects ideas and knowledge of this issue with other professions and scientific fields such as climatology, urbanism, economics. construction, agriculture. In addition to the fundamental, students also acquire specific knowledge and methods (monitoring and assessment of the state of the environment, mathematical modeling, spatial modeling, statistical analysis and programs, radiobiology, environmental economics).


Graduate study of Nature and Environmental Protection

Josip Juraj Strossmayer University, Department of Biology

The graduate study of Nature and Environmental Protection will be conducted through 2 academic years, ie through 4 semesters. Students complete their studies by defending their dissertation. The study will be organized as a full-time study

Conditions for enrollment:
The study can be enrolled by bachelors with completed university undergraduate studies (180 ECTS) in the field of: natural sciences, interdisciplinary sciences, biotechnical sciences, biomedical sciences

During this study, participants will be introduced to the principles of natural resource management, the principles of sustainable development and the basics of environmental economics. The competencies acquired upon completion of the graduate university study Nature and Environmental Protection are as follows:

knowledge of nature and environmental protection issues in the country and the world,
ability to make ecological studies,
planning and management in ecological systems of protected nature objects,
analysis and valorization of space,
integrated protection in protected nature objects,
ecological monitoring,
soil and water management and protection,
remediation of degraded habitats,
animal species management,
development of programs and bases of management in protected nature objects and urban ecological systems,
readiness for professional and scientific training through various educational forms and postgraduate studies.

Qualification for jobs:

the most complex tasks in all forms of organization of protected nature objects (strict reserves, national parks, special reserves, nature parks, natural monuments, significant landscapes, forest parks and monuments of park architecture), state, county and city administrations including advisory services and inspections,
qualification for jobs within horticultural and communal companies,
jobs of expert associate and leader in research, scientific institutions in the field of nature and environmental protection,
jobs of professional leader and supervisor in nature and environmental protection, teaching and education in vocational high schools and related schools,
jobs and tasks in journalism and media related to nature and environmental protection.
ability to participate in the preparation and implementation of studies assessing the acceptability of the project for the ecological network, studies assessing the impact of the project on the environment and nature, strategic assessments of the impact on the project and risk assessment studies for nature and the environment.

Masters of Environmental Sciences with applied and interdisciplinary knowledge of biological, geological and geographical aspects of biological and landscape diversity protection represent modern experts necessary in nature protection and spatial planning institutions, national parks, water management, etc. Upon completion of the graduate study some of the postgraduate studies in the field of natural sciences. At our University, it is primarily a postgraduate interdisciplinary university study of Nature and Environmental Protection.

Upon completion of the graduate study of Nature and Environmental Protection, the academic title is acquired:
master / master of nature and environmental protection / mag. prot. nat. et amb.