Subdepartment of Zoology

About Subdepartment of Zoology

Sub-department of Zoology forms part of the Department of Biology at Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek. It was founded on 6 July 2005 at the 6th session of the Biology Department Council. The Sub-department of Zoology has eleven members who participate in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level of study at Department of biology. Some members of the Sub-department also participate in teaching at Postgraduate interdisciplinary university study programme Environment Protection and Nature Conservation at the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek. Members of the Department of Zoology perform their scientific, professional and teaching work in three laboratories: Laboratory of entomology, Animal ecology laboratory and Plant molecular and cellular biology laboratory, within which students conduct their experiments for the final bachelor, master or doctoral thesis. The scientific work of individual members of the Sub-department is focused on education and is performed in cooperation with primary and secondary schools in Croatia. In addition to teaching, the members of the Sub-department participate in various research projects. All of the above provides the students with quality teaching and a wide exposure to scientific research from the very beginning of their studies. Research experience in projects lead and participated by members of the Sub-department of Zoology, provides students an opportunity to familiarize themselves in the most efficient and practical way with biological field research, laboratory methods and research methods in education. Connecting scientific research with teaching processes is necessary to achieve the basic purposes of the existence of the Sub-department of Zoology, which is to improve the quality of teaching and research work in the Department of Biology.

The First Head of the Department of Zoology was Stjepan Krčmar, PhD full professor (2005-2014). Since 2014, in two-year terms, the Heads of the Department of Zoology have been: Mirta Sudarić Bogojević PhD, assistant professor, Nataša Turić, PhD, assistant professor and Goran Vignjević, PhD, assistant professor. From 1.10.2020. The Head of the Department of Zoology is Alma Mikuška, PhD, assistant professor.

Members of Sub-department of Zoology

Head of the Sub – Department of Zoology

Alma Mikuška, PhD., Assistant Professor

alma.mikuska [at]

Stjepan Krčmar, PhD., Full Professor – tenure

stjepan [at]

Redoviti profesor u trajnom zvanju

Enrih Merdić, PhD., Full Professor

enrih [at]

Nataša Turić, PhD., Assistant Professor

natasa.turic [at]

Goran Vignjević, PhD., Assistant Professor

goran.vignjevic [at]

Irena Labak, PhD., Assistant Professor

irena.labak [at]

Ivana Vrućina, M.Sc.(R) Professional Adviser

ivana.vrucina [at]

Željko Zahirović, M.Sc.(R) Professional Adviser 

zeljko.zahirovic [at]

Nataša Bušić, mag. educ. biol. et chem., assistant

natasa.graovac [at]