Sub-Department of Plant Biochemistry and Ecophysiology

About Sub-Separtment of Biochemistry and Plant Ecophysiology

The sub-department of Biochemistry and Plant Ecophysiology was established in July 2005. Scientific research performed at the sub-department includes investigations in various fields. Basic scientific interests include the research of ecophysiology of algae as primary producers with the aim of understanding the ecophysiological processes in aquatic ecosystems; research on fungal and bacterial plant pathogens and mycoviruses; and research of the oxidative and antioxidant response of plants and animals to various forms of abiotic and biotic stress. One of the research interests is the investigation of improvement of the biotechnological production of secondary metabolites, among other things through the genetic transformation of plants, as well as increasing the resistance of plants to pathogens and other environmental stressors. The second part of the scientific interests relate to antibacterial studies of newly synthesized or extracted coumarin-based heterocyclic compounds that show a wide range of biological activities. One of the goals of the research work is to find and develop new, more effective and more accessible agents, as previous research has shown the increase of resistance of various pathogens to already existing antimicrobial agents.

Members of Sub-Separtment of Biochemistry and Plant Ecophysiology

Head of the Sub-Department of Plant Biochemistry and Ecophysiology

Mirna Velki, Ph.D. , Associate Professor

mirna.velki [at]

Janja Horvatić, Ph.D. , Full Professor

janja.horvatic [at]

Ljiljana Krstin, Ph.D. , Associate Professor

ljiljana.krstin [at]

Valentina Pavić, Ph.D. , Associate Professor


Sandra Ečimović, Ph.D. , Associate Professor

sandra [at]

Rosemary Vuković, Ph.D. , Assistant Professor

rosemary [at]

Selma Mlinarić, Ph.D. , Assistant Professor

selma.mlinaric [at]

Senka Blažetić, Ph.D. , Assistant Professor

senka [at]

Lidija Begović, Ph.D. , Assistant Professor

lidija.begovic [at]

Zorana Katanić, Ph.D. , Assistant Professor

zorana.katanic [at]

Martina Varga, Ph.D. , Assistant Professor

martina.varga [at]

Aleksandra Kočić, Ph.D.

aleksandra.kocic [at]

Ana Vuković, mag.biol., assistant

ana.vukovic [at]

Ksenija Doboš

ksenija.dobos [at]

Elvira Glavaš

elvira.kovac [at]

Vera Tikas,

vera.tikas [at]

Nikolina Sabo, mag. educ. biol. et chem.

nikolina.sabo [at]