About Department of Biology

The Department of Biology has been a constituent unit of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek since 1st April 2005. The principal activities of the Department are teaching and research in the field of biology at the University of Osijek. In addition to teaching courses as part of the study programmes organised by the Department, the Department faculty also teach courses in natural sciences, field biology, as part of other study programmes at the University of Osijek and other universities. Research is carried out through research projects funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports or other entities (local self-government, industry).

General information

The Department of Biology forms part of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek.

Address: Ulica cara Hadrijana 8A, (Building 3, University campus), 31000 Osijek
Registration number: 3049779
PIN: 78808975734
Giro account no.: 2500009-1402130208
Fax: +385 31 399 939
Email: info{a}biologija.unios.hr

The Department of Biology is registered for the performance of the following activities pursuant to the National Classification of Activities:

  • 80.30 Higher education
  • 73.10.1 Research and experimental development in natural sciences
  • 73.10.2 Research and experimental development in technical sciences and technologies

* conducts highly qualified work and develops the highest level of creativity

Office of the Department Chair
Phone: +385 31 399 900
Contact person: Kristina Mandić
Monday – Friday
07:30 – 15:30

Registrar’s office
Phone: +385 31 399 904
Contact person: Vedrana Aračić
Monday – Friday
07:30 – 15:30 referada [at] biologija.unios.hr

Carnet service / sistemac
Phone: +385 31 399 908
Contact person: Mario Dunić
Monday – Friday
07:30 – 15:30

webmaster [at] biologija.unios.hr

Department Secretary

Silva Lustig, LL.M

+385 31 399 902

silva.lustig [at] biologija.unios.hr

Head of Department Chair’s Office

Kristina Mandić

+385 31 399 900

kristina.mandic [at] biologija.unios.hr

Head of Department’s Accounting Services

Marina Pavić, mag.oec.

+385 31 399 915

marina.pavic [at] biologija.unios.hr

Head of the Department for Promotion and Quality Assurance of Higher Education

mr.sc. Ines Arbanas

+385 31 399 937

Ines Arbanas [at] biologija.unios.hr

Studies Office

Ivan Pletikosić

+385 31 399 904

ivan.pletikosic [at] biologija.unios.hr

Studies Office

Vedrana Aračić

+385 31 399 904

vedrana.aracic [at] biologija.unios.hr

Studies Office

Izeta Petrijevčanin

+385 31 399 906

izeta.petrijevcanin[at] biologija.unios.hr

Studies Office

Stjepan Ćurčić

+385 31 399 937

stjepan.curcic [at] biologija.unios.hr

Salary Accounting / Treasurer

Ljilja Radman, mag.oec.

+385 31 399 914

ljiljana.radman [at] biologija.unios.hr

Senior Quality Officer

Mirjana Rusmirović, pristup.oec.

+385 31 399 914

mirjana.rusmirovic [at] biologija.unios.hr

Stručni referent za nabavu, plan i analizu

Gorica Veselić

+385 31 399 937

gorica.veselic [at] biologija.unios.hr


Ilija Pavić


ilija.pavic [at] biologija.unios.hr


Franjo Ivanković


franjo.ivankovic [at] biologija.unios.hr

Cleaning Lady

Gordana Kralj


gordana.kralj [at] biologija.unios.hr

Cleaning Lady

Gordana Merdić


gordana.merdic [at] biologija.unios.hr

Cleaning Lady

Đurđica Oreški


durdica.oreski [at] biologija.unios.hr

Head of ICT services

Mario Dunić

+385 31 399 908

mario.dunic [at] biologija.unios.hr

Službenik za informiranje

Voditelj odjeljka za unaprjeđenje i osiguranje kvalitete visokog obrazovanja

Marija Kereta, dipl.oec.


Službenik za zaštitu osobnih podataka

Ljilja Radman, mag. oec.
+385 31 399 937