A career is a professional life path whose development begins even before getting your first job. Today’s fellow student might be a business associate tomorrow, so thinking about career development and individual career potential should start today. Communication skills, the ability to work in a team and solve demanding problems and tasks are basic prerequisites for success. These skills are applicable in every job and are not related to individual occupations, but are valued by all employers.

At the Department of Biology, we make it easier for students to enter the business world through a series of counselling and education in the form of workshops and lectures, and by conducting various activities aimed at developing professional skills. By communicating with employers, our goal is to establish a successful contact between students and employers and enable students to achieve a successful career upon graduation.



During the academic year, we organize a series of workshops for our students in cooperation with the Quality Assurance Center of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek. The main goal of workshops is to professionally advise and educate students on how to prepare for a job interview or write an impressive resume, how to develop presentation skills during studies and how to manage their schedule efficiently.


In the academic year 2019/2020 we started with a series of lectures by esteem employers in the field of natural sciences to present their business to interested students, discover current trends in the labour market and highlight potential business opportunities.



To facilitate the financing of one’s studies, we announce the public proposals for scholarship awards and public calls for one-time financial support to full-time students of undergraduate and graduate university studies at higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia.


For students interested in compelling jobs or for the one’s who are about to finish their studies and are actively looking for employment we present current job offers.


The first Career fair organized by the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek was held in 2019. This event aimed to strengthen the link between the University and the labour market, to present employment opportunities to students and to motivate them to actively pursue their career paths.

As part of the Career fair on May 14th 2019, the Department of Biology organized a one-day gathering of employers and students that included several activities. Employers introduced themselves to students through presentations, promotional materials, interviews and lectures.

In cooperation with the Quality Assurance Center, the Department of Biology organized two workshops on how to write a CV and present yourself in an interview. After the workshops, two round tables were held through which the panellists introduced graduate students, future teachers and scientists, to business challenges of a certain profession. A science café was organized in Campus Caffee, where three popular-scientific lectures were given.

Over a hundred students visited the career fair while about eighty of them listened to lectures and participated in round tables. Biology students-volunteers who actively participated in the implementation of all project activities significantly contributed to the successful realization of this project.