About the project...

For the seventh year in a row, the project Biologist-and-I, aimed at the popularization biological sciences, brings together like-minded people of all ages to share their enthusiasm for research and strongly stimulates participants’ interest in the field of biology. The aim of the project is to educate all interested parties through workshops, popular science lectures, exhibitions of student works and a tour of biologically important sites in the city of Osijek and its surroundings. Most of the activities provide visitors with access to the laboratories of the Department of Biology, to get acquainted with the work of teachers, associates and students engaged in state-of-the-art research and also innovative and interactive teaching.

"Biologist-and-I" in 2020

Due to this year’s epidemiological circumstances, which made it impossible to carry out popularization activities through the planned direct interaction with schoolchildren and the general public, the project is aimed at promoting health and preventing the spread and development of COVID-19 disease. Students of the Department of Biology actively participated in the preparation of promotional materials (face masks, hand sanitizers, printed brochures…) for about three hundred high school graduates from the city of Osijek and surrounding cities. The aim of the project was primarily to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining physical distance and carefully treating ourselves and others for the sake of health protection (i. e. encouraging responsible behavior towards oneself and the environment).

As part of the project, an exhibition of photographs “From Chromosomes to Stars” by Matej Seletković, a first-year graduate student of Nature and Environmental Protection, was set up at the Department of Biology. Today, photography is crucial in contemporary research and scientific communication, and at the same time one of the most interesting and valuable forms of artistic expression. The camera in the hands of biologists is becoming a medium that plays a significant role in the way science is transmitted to the world because “The essential is invisible to the eyes” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). Many forms of flora and fauna that are too small to attract the attention of the average viewer become interesting and fascinating photographs that attract the interest of all. The sequence of photographs of the observer leads from the motifs of the microworld to the enchanting starry sky, pointing to the beauty and complexity of nature, while at the same time representing the link between science and art.

At the beginning of the year, the “Competition for the best student work” was opened with motifs from nature. 24 student photos were received and rated according to the number of likes on the Facebook page of the Department of Biology. The following photos were awarded: 1. Maja Ivkić (photo 16) 2. Nikolina Boić (photo 10) 3. Luka Šuker (photo 15).

Lectures :

(planned but not realized due the Covid-19 pandemic)

  1. Toothless vampiresses (Mirta Sudarić Bogojević, PhD., Assistant Professor)
  2. Microplastics and me (Anita Galir Balkić, PhD., Assistant Professor)
  3. The secret world of insects (Ivana Vrućina, M.Sc.(R) Professional Adviser)
  4. Toxic brain (Senka Blažetić, PhD., Assistant Professor)


(planned but not realized due the Covid-19 pandemic)

  1. Colourful laboratory (Nataša Bušić, mag. educ. biol. et chem., assistant)
  2. Earthworms – soil engineers (Davorka Hackenberger Kutuzović, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Željka Lončarić, Ph.D., Assistant Professor)
  3. Make a difference – learn about water importance! (Dubravka Špoljarić Maronić, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Nikolina Bek, mag. prot. nat. et amb., Matej Šag, mag. biol.)
  4. When I grow up, what will I be? (Tanja Žuna Pfeiffer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Nikolina Bek, mag. prot. nat. et amb., Matej Šag, mag. biol.)
  5. Cosmetics with a message (Ana Vuković, mag. biol., Zorana Katanić, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Nikolina Sabo, mag. educ. biol. et chem., Ljiljana Krstin, Ph.D., Associate Professor)
  6. Fossils – a glance into the Earth’s history (Barbara Vlaičević, Ph.D., Dubravka Čerba, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Ivana Turković Čakalić, prof.)
  7. Laboratory puzzles (Jasenka Antunović Dunić, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Lidija Begović,Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Selma Mlinarić,Ph.D., Assistant Professor,  Vesna Peršić, Ph.D., Assistant Professor)
  8. Bugs to go (Ivana Vrućina, M.Sc.(R) Professional Adviser , Željko Zahirović, M.Sc.(R) Professional Adviser , Nataša Turić, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Goran Vignjević, Ph.D., Assistant Professor)

Sponsors of the “Biologist-and-I” project in 2020.

City of Osijek, Agricultural Institute Osijek, Student’s center, Sunčana Glavak’s office, Studio HS internet d.o.o., Euroherc insurance, Olga real estate